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You have a 30 day free trial period to check out the site. If you like what you see, do nothing and your annual Membership fee will go into effect. After the trial period your fee is an annual fee and is non-refundable. Your Membership will be automatically renewed annually, unless you choose to cancel it before the renewal date. If for any reason, during the 30 day trial period, you are not fully satisfied with the site, you may cancel your Membership, and your credit card will not be charged, no questions asked. To cancel your Membership send an email to with the words Cancel Membership in the Subject line.

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A place to inspire, learn, and share ideas about PSYCH-K!

What it is not:

A place to advertise/market other services you may offer professionally. You will have a profile page where you can post a resume or curriculum vitae, if people are interested in more information about your personal and professional background or services.

Note: If in the opinion of the PSYCH-K Centre International you violate this agreement to refrain form advertising your services in the context of the site itself, or you use offensive language, we reserve the right to cancel your membership without the benefit of a refund of your Membership fee.  By becoming a Member of the site, you are agreeing to this stipulation.

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We hope you will join us in becoming the best PSYCH-K Facilitator you can be! The world needs more PSYCH-K Facilitators to assist in this time of global transformation. Please help us create a healthy, just, and sustainable world now, and for generations to come!



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